Wednesday, December 7, 2011


as i have promised :)

1. eat incessantly
2. never consumed alcohol
3. never eaten vegetables
4. never had a facebook
5. just started eating beef
6. hate sushi
7. was once struggled with mysophobia
8. hv a long-term distrust and suspicion of others
9. hv no poker face
10. asocial & misanthropist
11. abhor gossip & nonsense
12. cleave to my own theorem
13. just granted with a full-fledged driving licence *lol
14. address my kakak as 'adik'
15. sibs & future b.i.l call me john
16. known as 'sha' in the alyahya family
17. good-humored *friends jibe i'm high on drug *garu kepala
18. don't keep up with classmate fm school/university
19. hv inclination towards asians but no malay men has gotten me gaga
20. hardly take picture when i'm out
21. may appear confident but NOT
22. the only 1 fm the sib not 2b martial arts trained
23. love football but prefer rugby
24. air supply 'when i need u' made me cry as a kid
25. i'm a true scorpio. go figure.

*damn it i'd rather sit for spm than this ;p

till then.
*sealed with lotsa hugs&kisses*

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