Friday, December 16, 2011


i hope 2012 is the year where
things fall into place, perfectly.
as i will embrace my 2011 tears of joy & pain.
thank you, for being part of my life.


pulling off my 2011 plug with,
Coldplay live in Berlin 21.12.11
& Southern Europe junket.
Merry Xmas & Happy New Year (in advance).
see you after the Holidays.

till then.
*sealed with lotsa hugs&kisses*

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Fashion designers are like politicians.
you wouldn't have thought that not having
an academic background in the field would
still make you in the industry. well of coz
you need a far out sense, heart & passion to break it..
if and networking, will do :D

in case..if a scholarly pursuit is far fetched,
i know i have an option ;p

till then.
*sealed with lotsa hugs&kisses*

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


as i have promised :)

1. eat incessantly
2. never consumed alcohol
3. never eaten vegetables
4. never had a facebook
5. just started eating beef
6. hate sushi
7. was once struggled with mysophobia
8. hv a long-term distrust and suspicion of others
9. hv no poker face
10. asocial & misanthropist
11. abhor gossip & nonsense
12. cleave to my own theorem
13. just granted with a full-fledged driving licence *lol
14. address my kakak as 'adik'
15. sibs & future b.i.l call me john
16. known as 'sha' in the alyahya family
17. good-humored *friends jibe i'm high on drug *garu kepala
18. don't keep up with classmate fm school/university
19. hv inclination towards asians but no malay men has gotten me gaga
20. hardly take picture when i'm out
21. may appear confident but NOT
22. the only 1 fm the sib not 2b martial arts trained
23. love football but prefer rugby
24. air supply 'when i need u' made me cry as a kid
25. i'm a true scorpio. go figure.

*damn it i'd rather sit for spm than this ;p

till then.
*sealed with lotsa hugs&kisses*

Friday, December 2, 2011



till then.
*sealed with lotsa hugs&kisses*